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Traditional Directlogic Series PLC's

     DL-205 Series PLC

     DL-06 Series PLC

DL-05 Series PLC

    DL-105 Series PLC

     DL-305 Series PLC

     DL-405 Series PLC

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Touch Screen HMI & Gateways


cMT-iPC 10 cMT-iPC 15 cMT-iV5 cMT-3151 cMT-3090


MT-iP Series HMI MT-XE Series HMI MT-iE Series MT-XE Series HMI eMT series HMI cMT-SVR 100 MTV-100




Imputel is the Manufacturer of outstanding keyboards and peripheral products for the Industrial & commercial computer world.     

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SCADA web enabled Graphic software from Indusoft ranks foremost for it's quality graphics and data storage capabilities 

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Protech Systems began manufacturing in 1980, Directlogic has distributed Protech Industrial PC's since 20013. good partners, great products

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